Lost Woods

by Young Lungs

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released April 8, 2016

Overall Writings:
All guitars, vocals and lyrics by Guilherme Abramides
Drums: Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13 by Guilherme
Tracks 2, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 14 by Jose Martinez
Bass: Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 by Guilherme
Tracks 2, 8, 9 by Joao Ricardo Ribeiro
Synths, piano and others: Tracks 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 by Guilherme
Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 12 by Joao and Guilherme
Track 14 by Joao, Guilherme and Hélio da Matta

All guitars recorded by Guilherme, except solo guitar in tracks 3 and 7 recorded by Joao Ricardo Ribeiro
All basses and drums recorded by Joao Ricardo Ribeiro
All synths, piano and others recorded by Joao except parts of tracks 1, 7, 8, 9, 11 recorded by Guilherme
Jew's Harp and Harmonics by Joao on track 12
Claps by Joao and Guilherme on track 1
Shaker by Guilherme on track 4
All lead vocals by Guilherme
Additional voice on track 4 by Luiz Christianini (background voice) and Marcos Leandro (last chorus vocals)
Additional voice on track 6 by Aline Santos
Additional voice on track 7 by Michelli Matuno
Backvocals on tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11 by Joao Ricardo Ribeiro

Mixed and Produced by Joao Ricardo Ribeiro

Recorded at Toca da Graxinha - Quarto do Cristinho - Bauru/SP/Brazil



all rights reserved


Young Lungs Bauru, Brazil

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Track Name: Lost Woods
Hi, what's your name? Don't be mad
Why? I think I lost my head
And Where? Where did we meet?
And why are we waking in this bed?

"Bye", you're not saying that
Wait, let me rest
See, it starts getting red
Blood, please come take care

Sorry, try to understand
You heal, I mean your hands
Stay, stay and tell me
Where would you like to go

She said "money", that's what I want
I'll teach you, to live without that
And I, I know a place
A place, that's not in that space

I don't wanna be part of Hollywood
I just wanna meet you in the lost woods

Hollywood, action and fake
Hollywood, the disguised age
Hollywood, the perfect face
Actually there is only rage

Lost woods is far from these people
Lost woods is only grass and trees
Are you not convinced yet?
We'll hear the birds singing for us
Track Name: Doorways
Through all my life
I've been exposed to
A lot of things I never wanted to
I've been told to do
A lot of things I never wanted to do

I had so much potential
But I am so mind and body poisoned
That now
I have to break
This fear inside my soul
Track Name: City Boy
Once I was a boy playing with my toys
But now they have decided I will be a lawyer
Once I could choose all my own clothes
But now I have to dress these ties and shirts

Save me from this life
Because my mind can't stand no more
Smoke on the sky
Don't wanna live this shit no more
Take me where I belong

Once I was a boy playing with my toys
But now they have decided I will be a doctor
Once I could choose all my own clothes
But now I have to dress that white stuff

What i love
I have to do
But SAD (pain is not forever)
Holds me back


The people doesn't care about what you have to say
Neither pay attention on your movements
The ego is always stick on first place
I have to break this fucking fear i feel inside my soul
Track Name: Wolves And Zombies
Wolves are coming from everywhere through the buildings
They are following me, they are hunting me
This animal type is complicating my mind
I can see hungry eyes, right by my side
They gonna bite you in the neck, gonna take you to their nest
Gamesmanship at sight, on the other side of the net
Wolves are coming from everywhere through the buildings
Still following me, still hunting me

But you're not a wolf and you came to my home
Just to see me, how I want you
And you're not a wolf so I can't do any wrong
I got a chance to carry on

Zombies are coming from everywhere through the streets
They are following me, they are hunting me
I thought they were dead but now they want my head
They want me to dress in all red in a graveyard bed
Should I fight forever? Or give up of this level?
Between life and death, I have to choose my head
Zombies are coming from everywhere through the streets
Still following me, still hunting me

But you're not a zombie and you came to my home
Just to see me, how I want you
And you're not a zombie so I can't do any wrong
I got a chance to carry on

No, it's not what I want
Thanks to say me all the things
That I could not be
I'll always remember of you and me

Background vocal through the song
(Sitting in Sao Paulo;
Its dirty here;
The air is very dirty;
Pollution is a crazy thing;
Bunch of people;
A mess;
Mega fucking stadium;
Last night;
I was lying;
People were amazing;
So much spirit;
Anywhere else;
Wonder why;
Something in the air;
I did;
Shuffle around;
Fun for few hours;
Insecure loser;
Winding down)
Track Name: Any Weather
Hey girl we both know
That Earth is dying, Mother Nature is tired
We won't live so long
2 o'clock I'm in your house, let's forget the science

Run away from work
Fuck if my boss think I'm insane
Now I'm at your door
The sun is up but I think it's gonna rain

Oh in the sun, we'll have fun
And in the rain, we won't complain
And in the snow, we're gonna throw
Those snowballs in all the clowns
In open sky, we're gonna fly
And when it's cloudy, I meet your mouth
This is our plan until we can
It doesn't matter how it's the weather
Track Name: Her Friends (OK)
Remember we have a date tonight
At eatery at 8
Remember that: it's just you and I
Don't wanna know about your friends

"Oh, let me take them"
I had to say ok
"Please, let me take them"
I hate to say ok

For a long time you have been my love
You know, I don't have to prove anything more
But for a while you overstepped the line
You know the reasons why
Do you want me to tell? Ok

You know, these friends
I hate them
I wanna kill them

I think my brain
Is set up to
Eliminate them

But I will be fine if you're fine
Is just that I can't control myself sometimes

I'm so sorry
I'm not sorry at all about this night my darling
Track Name: Melancholic Party
Unlocking your room
This time will be cool
Once was awful
I will pick the color blue

Wanna leave but my ride only leaves at 5
So anthropology is the best to do right now
Watching people's manners it's fucking scaring somehow

Cornered in a room (can anybody see my face?)
While people are not being cool (drinking and throwing up)
These songs are so awful (djs are never good)
You see i'm dressing blue

When you go unlock your room wondering that will have a room for you (the prison cooler is for you)
When you think that party is cool, enabling power to change your mood (it changes for not good)
You hear a song before to go and then there they only play some crap (the so called cliche classics)
Actually the party is over when you turn sixteen
It's just a teenage dream
Track Name: Zora
The hearts of men are frozen
Unbelievable frozen
Unfortunately frozen
Forever frozen (?)
Track Name: Standard Age (Here Be Dragons) / I Wanna Get Out (Kazan)
So I heard that story
Of a man who lived
In this same world

In a different age
But a similar place
Long time ago

He was pissed off
With the people around

So he took his map
But he didn't know
Where to go

Because those places in the map
Everyone knows
He wanted another world

So he called his paws
And started his search

Even in a different age
He was in trouble
You see some same problems
Of our modern world

Even in a different age
He was in trouble
The world didn't change too much
For best or worst

Even the lack of water
Or the heavy weather
Couldn't stop the search

In the lifeless desert
In the dangerous mountain
Need to be strong

But is so fucking hard
Still we have to try
And never stop
Track Name: Behind The Bush
Show me, behind the bush show me
I'm tired of this life baby
They take you so much time

Many tricks, under their hats to cheat
I'm tired of this magic
They're fooling with our heads

Maybe I should try to face the life
Of the way like it is
But I prefer to hold my breath
Instead of breathing dirty air

Life, behind the bush new life
I'm tired of this one baby
It's killing me inside

Love, behind the bush true love
I'm tired of hiding you from them
They're spitting in our eyes

However you'll never see me down
Never see me down
Never see me down
Now shut the fuck up

Meet me, behind the bush meet me
I'm waiting on the other side baby
To start our new life
Track Name: The Owl
I'm lost, I'm lost
I can't find my way
It seems to me that is very far away
The night is coming and I'm feeling so unsafe
I'm afraid

My head can't think even in a simple plan
The fear has started the run through my veins
The pleasure becomes just miles of pain
What a mess

The owl will show me
The way to go

Should I, Should I may ask for mayday?
Or face alone the death until it's day
I don't know, don't know, I will ask for the owl
Help me now
“All you have to do is follow through that way
Refuse listen your fears and you won't fell more pain”
Alright, I'm late, I will follow your advice
Thanks and bye

So finally I arrived at the end
But I can't feel the moves of my legs
So many tests without explain
What's next?
Track Name: Carrots
You and me like Carl and Pete
We are folks until the end
You and me like Nancy and Sid
We are lovers until the death
I never realized you could help me all time
Get up horse, we have a long way through the day

You and me so focused
In defeat all the bad
It could be easy if all the people
Weren't all that mad
We passed through the graveyard
And stop in the village to reload our bodies
Give her some carrots
She will run like hell

Run horse
Run through these fields
Get over these thrills
Keep faith on your will

I'm arriving until tomorrow
We're arriving until tomorrow
But it's night, we need to rest
To be ready for tomorrow
Track Name: Week 52 (Virgo 2122)
So here we are far away from the bad
The owl was right, and my legs are fine
Behind the bush far away from her friends
But the good ones, you can bring it's ok
So here we are, the weather is alright
I see some clouds, but overcast is nice
So here we are, thanks to my horse
Most of the things, you cannot make it on your own

So here we are, there's no rabbits in the hats
The hearts of men, are warmed by love
The wolves are now admirable friends
And the zombies are just, hallucinations in the past
So here we are, we don't want to get out
Recharge our bodies, as well as our minds
Like holiday, in the middle of the week
We need good days, to compensate the paydays

Dream whatever is good
But dream forever

So here we are, enjoying effort
The right work, leads to joy
But here we go, the hours are gone
Now back to Earth, to the unconmfortable zone
Nanana nanananana (to keep me sane)